We extract from ship breaking yard and supplier for used marine HVAC-R and air compressor!

Proudly announcing we have exported more then 100 unit of used refrigeration and air compressor system in 2019!

We are specialized in second hand and reconditioned marine starting air compressor as well as HVAC and refrigeration compressors, compressors spare parts supply and export. We have vast knowledge and experience in servicing, overhauling and reconditioning of screw and piston type type marine air compressor. So, our customer are rest assured that every compressor and spare parts we deliver are totally serviced and overhauled condition and guarantee of long time running reliability. You can enlist us as your reliable source as we maintain biggest stock of all kind used / reusable air and water cooled starting air compressor and also HVAC and refrigeration compressors, complete systems and spares for marine and industrial application.

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